Black Lion Ventures Testimonials

“Black Lion did an outstanding job for us, helping us through the complex procedure and tight deadlines. The team was extremely professional, full of positive energy and diligent.”

Akhil Chandan
Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Taste Bud LLC


“Black Lion Ventures provided us with greater understanding of the breadth of funding options available. They took out time to understand our business and specific requirements and made it easy for us to understand the best program that fit our business strategies.”

Sachin Sharma
Founder and CEO of Tax Guru, Inc.


“The professionals at Black Lion Ventures made the navigation through the maze of funding opportunities simple and with their industry knowledge and contacts, connected us with some of the most proficient industry experts. I am thankful to their service which helped my business evolve into a highly successful venture.”

Subodh Sharma
Co-Founder and CEO of S. Sharma Tax, Inc.


“Black Lion Ventures and their team worked wonders for us and there is no praise that can completely define our gratitude towards them. Helping us out from the inception of our project to the level that it has reached today and filling us with valuable inputs on strategies and methods, they have been instrumental in our success all along. I would highly recommend their services.”

Hari Dhiman
Founder and CEO of 88 Spirits Corporation


“Highly satisfied with the services. Thanks for all the help you extended.”

Rishi Mathur
Co-Founder and President of Jixee LLC


“An excellent resource! Black Lion Ventures’ team worked tirelessly and made the whole task seem so easy. Over the years our bond has grown stronger and they are the first people I turn to, and even think about, when I need assistance.”

Jitesh Bhakta
President of G-2 Productions